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A Song of Ice and Fire + Religion

Chris Pine in the upcoming Into the Woods movie

The Queen of Wolves, she’s called. Isn’t that right?
It is. You’d best not use that name in her presence, though, or you’re like to get bitten.

a mix for the caged wolf & her eventual rise into power

I’m so proud of my T.V. husband. From the moment I met him, I knew he was going to be, like, the next Brad Pitt. He’s so handsome, so kind, and such a talented actor. There’s just nowhere for him to go except straight to the top. I’m only shocked that it hasn’t happened already. I’m just so excited for the world to see him if they haven’t already. Because he’s brilliant and I love him and now he has rock-hard abs. Which is just a bonus.
It seems like the Internet has a big crush on Chris … do you feel like it is encroaching on your territory at all?
I have major jealousy [issues] but we start shooting Parks and Recreation next week so I am glad to have him all to myself because if anyone tries to get with him, I will destroy them

get to know me meme » five celebrity crushes » Chris Pratt
"I was an athlete growing up. I was a wrestler, I played football, so I can take a fall. I actually wanted to be a stuntman when I was kid, so I would practice falling down the stairs. It’s just something I like to do."

get to know me meme » five celebrity crushes » Perrie Edwards

"I embarrassed myself. She [Katy Perry] said, "I love your hair, I have photos of you on my laptop’ and I went ‘Ha, I’m gonna be sick’"