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“I don’t immerse myself in the Internet chatter because it opens you up to a whole source of danger.”

why do you hate derek? (not judging, just curious)

ive only seen seasons 1-3a (although tbh i dont rmr much of 3a other than issac bitching at derek in like the finale, i think it was?? and TRUE ALPHA SCOTT MCCALL ❤) so his characterization might have changed/he might have apologized for these things since then. but heres a quick list of things off the top of my head:

  • told scott that his assault was a gift and implied that he should be grateful for it
  • such a creep especially in season 1 like hes just randomly watching high school kids all the time like it just creeps me out. get a life dude
  • ok so like when jackson was bleeding black blood and he asked derek what it means and derek doesnt answer even though he knows that it means that jackson is dying?? like obviously thats not what was ACTUALLY happening to jackson but derek didnt know that at the time and he had a responsibility (both bc he turned jackson and bc he’s the one in the area that knows the most about werewolf mythology) to explain to jackson that he was probably going to die
  • turns teenagers into monsters despite the fact that they are in no way emotionally or mentally developed enough to make such huge irreversible life decisions
  • victim blames lydia for bringing peter back from the dead when she actually had no choice in the matter and it was extremely stressful/ physiologically damaging for her to do so
  • is so sexual with erica at the hospital i honestly feel so uncomfortable watch that scene. he literally grabs her legs and pulls her close to him. remember that (as far as i can rmr) she’s never met him and hes forcing her to get extremely close to him.
  • there are a ton more but basically lets just get to the big one: derek hale has at some point physically abused nearly everyone that he hangs out with. here is a link that explains this better than me, but i’ll run through a few brief examples in case you dont want to click the link: slamming stiles’ head into the steering wheel of the car, punching deaton and dragging him over the table, slamming scott into the ice rink so hard that scott coughed up blood, punched stiles, broke both issac and scott’s hands, threw a glass at issac (which mirrored issac’s previous longtime physical abuse by issac’s father)

im sure there are more examples but thats just a few reasons why i dont like derek

Natalie Dormer attends the 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards

why didnt you include derek in teen wolf magazine graphic? i know hes not technically "pack" but like technically neither was issac

bc i hate him lol

Rose Leslie attends the 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Natalie Dormer attends the 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards

"It’s a dish I tasted myself, or have you forgotten? I was ten when I was taken from my father’s house, to make certain he raised no more rebellions."
It is not the same.”
Theon’s face was impassive. “The noose I wore was not made of hempen rope, that’s true enough, but I felt it all the same. And it chafed, Ser Rodrick. It chafed me raw.” He had never quite realized that until now, but as the words came spilling out he saw the truth in them.” -A Clash of Kings

What’s in a Name? → Stark kids


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ginny's eyes are brown!! not blue!

I don’t care. I’m so sorry I know this is rude but it is literally impossible for me to care any less about the color of ginny weasley’s eyes