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Rose Leslie attends Entertainment Weekly’s festivities during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego Convention Center on July 26, 2014 in San Diego, California.

I'm sorry Tumblr has confused me but just incase you didn't get my suggestion. Why don't you make the wildlings into the IRA, or something along those lines,if you're placing this GoTedit in mordern day England/All Europe. They could have rebuilt Haydrin's wall or something? The IRA to some have been a modern Terrerist issue for England. Please excuse any geographic mistakes.

oh I didn’t get your suggestion!! I really like that idea (dont worry about geographic errors bc im from texas and no nothing about uk/europe lol). someone else suggested that they were a gang or a terrorist group (dont rmr which they suggested tbh) that started in the UK and then went to afghanistan for training so that they wouldnt lose the connection to jon & it would explain white ppl in afghanistan and i liked that one a alot so there could definitely be a blending of both your ideas bc i like them both :)

how does talisa/jeyne fit into the modern got au?

she’s a mix of Talisa from the show and Jeyne from the books:

  • grew up in southern scotland, near the water. her and her brother used to go walking on the coast every morning until he almost drowned one day. they both avoid the water from then on out
  • robb was injured while passing through her town on the way to london and she was the nurse on call at the clinic he went to so they were flirty with each other while she was his nurse
  • she and robb had a one night stand that she became pregnant from after he recovered from his injuries. they got married after they found out that she was pregnant
  • her mother secretly gave her medicine that caused talisa/jeyne to unknowingly abort bc she in league w/ the lannisters, but jeyne and robb had fallen in love so they didnt get a divorce. her and robb decide not to tell anyone about miscarrying bc they want people to have the belief that robb has an heir
  • really enjoys being around catelyn. she finds catelyn to be really smart and nurturing. talisa/jeyne wishes she had cat’s ability to always say the right thing
  • dies at the red wedding with robb, catelyn and the others

Sansa Stark +  colors abound (requested by )

they could be a military faction gone rogue? like the afghan tribesmen thing just doesn't work as long as you're using the actors like you have been because they're all white.

yeah that was also an issue i was having

They could be afghan tribesmen. Not counting the connection with the North, it could definitely be a good analogue.

that’s true. i thought about that for a little while, the only thing is it makes me bit nervous though bc i know literally nothing about afghan culture (other than what the dumb american media tells me) but it does make for a good analogy bc the wildlings are persecuted just like the afghan people. 

sorry, but what would the wildlings be in the modern got au? you know, like ygritte, mance, val or tormund?

i think im about to be disappointing but i honestly dont know. the easiest translation for me to think of would be them a gang of criminals in northern scotland, but then they lose that connection to jon bc he’s in afghanistan . so idk!! someone should send me some ideas about them haha

Rose Leslie attends HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ panel and Q&A during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego Convention Center on July 25, 2014 in San Diego, California.