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hello! your modern got aus are so perfect, i'm totally blown away! may i ask if you'll ever do an edit about lord baelish? :)

hello! thank you so much! and I DONT KNOW. when i started i was like “i dont want baelish bc hes a pedophile” and my au kinda has a “no pedophilia allowed” rule but if i keep making edits then it kinda seems like i might have to include him, bc hes so closely tied with sansa’s storyline. so yeah. sorry!! theres no definitive answer, it’s up in the air right now

Sansa Stark + season four

Rupert Grint + Driving Lessons

Winterfell remained. It was not dead, just broken. Like me… I’m not dead either.

modern day GoT AU → Baratheon brothers

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You brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT person. You are absolutely amazing!

thank you omg :) <3 <3